Belvedere Palaces

The Belvedere was built by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt as the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, the brillant military commander whose strategies helped vanquish the Turks in 1683. Situated on a gently sloping hill, the Belvedere consists of two palaces linked by a formal garden laid out in the French style by Dominique Girard. The garden is sited on three levels, each conveying a complicated programme of Classical allusions: the lower part of the garden represents the domain of the Four Elements, the centre is Parnassus and the upper section is Olympus.
excerpt from
Dorling Kindersley Travel Guide Vienna

22 May 2000

Lower Belvedere

Belvedere Palace Lower

ViennaBelvedere Palace Lower Closeup

View of the Lower Belvedere
from the lower cascade

Belvedere Palace Lower From Upper Cascade

Upper Belvedere

Belvedere Palace Upper

View of the Upper Belvedere
from one of the Statues of Sphinxes

Belvedere Sphinxes Palace Upper

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