The traditional starting point for a visit to Bruges is the Markt. Facing the Halles (covered market) around the square are some of the city's finest houses. One of the oldest houses on the Markt is the Craenenburg, which dates from around the fourteenth century. It was in this house that Emperor Maximilian, captured by the people of Bruges, was held prisoner. The statues at the centre of the square are those of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, who led the people of Bruges against the French in the Matines Brugeoises. The statues were unveiled by King Léopold II, who is said to have spoken Flemish for the first time during the ceremony. The Markt is also the site where the market was traditionally held until relatively recently when it was moved to the nearby area of 't Zand.
excerpt from
Time Out Guide Brussels

29 July 2000

medieval gables

Brugges Markt

Statue of Jan Briedel and
Pieter de Coninck

Brugges Markt Statue Breidel Coninck

Bureaux des Postes (Post Office)
and Palais Provincial (Government Palace)

Brugges Markt

Looking towards
Belfort en Hallen

Brugges Markt Halles Belfry

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