Roman Baths

The story of the hot springs of Bath began thousands of years ago with rain on the Mendip Hills being driven deep underground before rising, hot and bubbling, to the surface. The sight of this extraordinary phenomenon incited the Celts to adopt the spring as the home of their goddess Sulis. When the invading Romans reached Bath they hacked a huge military road across the sacred site. But peace between the communities ensued when. in c.65 AD, the Romans built a great spa with bathing and leisure facilities, and within the complex a majestic temple, which they dedicated to their own goddess of healing, Minerva, and to the Celtic goddess, Sulis.
excerpt from
Pitkin City Guides - Bath

4 - 5 November 2000

The Pump Room

Roman Baths Pump Room Front

View from the upper walkway

Roman Baths View From Above

Roman Baths View From Above

Roman Baths View From Above

Roman Baths Ground Level

Roman Baths Ground Level

Shelly posing beside the
Great Bath

Roman Baths Shelly

Roman Baths Great Bath

Exterior view of the baths

Roman Baths Pump Room

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