When scholars first arrived at the small market town of Cambridge in 1209 they soon found themselves involved in the conflict between 'town and gown' that lasted many centuries. But today it is the intermingling of these two elements that gives Cambridge its unique charm - soaring pinnacles reflected in shop windows, narrow lanes passing between ancient college buildings, glimpses of noble courts through elaborate gateways in shopping streets, and swarms of students pedaling urgently across town to their lectures. Cambridge's spectacular architecture, spanning some 700 years of inspired building and alteration, sits proudly in its rural environment. The beautiful Backs - the stretch of riverside lawns, meadow and gardens that run behind some of the oldest colleges - are a favourite place to stroll, while punters glide past on the peaceful river Cam.
excerpt from
Cambridge - A Pitkin City Guide

24 September 2000


Church Closeup



Backs Garden

Clare Bridge
(Wendy, James and Shelly)

Clare Bridge Wendy, James & Shelly

College Ground

Kings College Grounds

Mill Pool

Mill Pool Punters

Mill Pool Punters Closeup

Mathematical Bridge

Queens College Wooden Bridge

Wooden Bridge Closeup

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