Climbing out of the Windrush valley, we cross the bare tops southwards to rejoin the Coln valley at Bibury, which William Morris once called the prettiest village in England (Henry Ford agreed; in the 1920s he tried to buy houses in the village with the aim of transporting them to America for rebuilding). The River Coln flows along the main village street, beside a green expanse of boggy watermeadow known as Rack Isle. To one side are the picturesque Arlington Row cottages, built in 1380 originally as a monastic wool store. In the 17th century, this was converted into a row of weavers' cottages, and the cloth produced here was sent to Arlington Mill, on the other side of Rack Isle, for fulling (degreasing). Once the cloth had been thoroughly pounded and washed at the mill, it was hung to dry on timber frames on Rack Isle.
excerpt from
Insight Guides - The Cotswolds

18 February 2001

Shelly pausing
on a Bibury bridge

Bibury Shelly

River Coln

Bibury Bridge Approaching Arlington Row

Arlington Row
from a distance

Bibury Approaching Arlington Row

thru cottages

Bibury Arlington Row

Bibury Lower Arlington Row

Bibury Bridge Upper Arlington Row

Bibury Bridge Upper Arlington Row Closeup

Bibury Arlington Row House

Bridge leading to
Arlington Row

Bibury Bridge Approaching Arlington Row

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