Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival has been taking place in London, on the last weekend in August, for the past thirty seven years. The arrival of Trinidadians in Great Britain, remembering their great Carnivals back home, provided the spark which ignited Notting Hill Carnival. From a small procession through the streets with just a few people in costume and carrying steel drums in the 1960s, has evolved a huge multi-cultural arts festival, attended by up to two million people.
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26 - 27 August 2001

Carnival sign post

Notting Hill Carnival Sign Post

Selling lots of beads
and whistles

Selling Carnival Beads

Early Morning Crowds

Carnival Army Man

Little Girl Big Wings

face paint

Blue Face Paint

Brasilian dancer

Brasilian Dancer

Brasilian Parade

Carnival Crowds

Oi! Hand it over...

Dad, Boy 'n Beer

Dancer Closeup

Carnival Crowd Curbside

Dancer Guys

Dancer Thumbs Up

Father Time

Father Time

Dancer Flag Waving

Dancer Green Feathers

Dancer w/G-String

Light Blue Dancer

Girls 'n Orange

Woman Playing Bell

DJ / party posters

DJ / Club Posters

press photographer

Press Photographer

Purple Girl

Rasta Man

Dancer 'n Red & Blue

Dancer w/Red Feathers

Skeleton Costume

Crowded Streets

Star Man

Little Girl

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