Tower Castle

This ancient fortress continues to pack in the crowds, largely because of its macabre associations with all the legendary figures who were imprisoned and / or executed here. James Street once wrote, "There are more spooks to the square foot than in any other building in the whole of haunted Britain. Headless bodies, bodiless heads, phantom soldiers, icy blasts, clanking chains - you name them, the Tower's got them." Even today, centuries after the last head rolled on Tower Hill, a shivery atmosphere of impending doom lingers over the mighty walls.
excerpt from
Frommer's Portable London 2001

23 June 2001


Tower Castle Entrance

White Tower

Tower Castle White Tower

Tower Castle White Tower Closer

Tower Castle White Tower Closeup

Tower Castle White Tower South

Tower Castle Ramparts

Dennis, view towards
Tower Bridge

Tower Castle Dennis

Tower Castle Interior Walls

Tower Castle Ramparts View

Traitor's Gate

Tower Castle Traitor's Gate

(picture date unknown)

Tower Castle Front

Tower Castle Inside

Tower Castle Nightime

Shelly, just outside the castle
along the Thames

Tower Castle By The River Nightime

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