Westminster Abbey

The Abbey is world-famous as the resting-place of Britain's monarchs, and as the setting for coronations and other great pageants. Within its walls can be seen some of the most glorious examples of medieval architecture in London. It also contains one of the most impressive collections of tombs and monuments in the world. Half national church, half national museum, the abbey occupies a unique place in British national consciousness.
excerpt from
Eyewitness Travel Guides - London Millennium Edition

7 April 2001

West Front Towers

Westminster Abbey Front

North Entrance 
(from the side)

Westminster Abbey Left Front

North Entrance

Westminster Abbey North Entrance Left

Westminster Abbey North Entrance

Rob, Shelly & Suzy

Westminster Abbey Rob, Shelly & Suzy

Houses of Parliament spires
(view from Cloisters)

Westminster Abbey Spires Viewed from Cloisters

West Front Tower
(as viewed from behind)

Westminster Abbey West Front Towers Viewed from Cloisters

Westminster Abbey West Front Towers Closeup from Cloisters

South Transept

Westminster Abbey Southern Transept

Westminster Abbey Cloisters

Westminster Abbey Plaque

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