Courtyards, Façades

Beyond the Place d'Armes, situated below the gateway, stand several disparate buildings extending both in length and breadth, evoking an image of a town more than a château. From this side, there is very little in common with the majestic linearity of the façades overlooking the park. Behind the gateway, there is a succession of narrowing courtyards: the Great Courtyard, Royal Courtyard and Marble Courtyard. The buildings follow the brick, stone and slate architecture of the first Château of Versailles built by Louis XIII, which Louis XIV wanted to preserve. Later on, the architects always intended to rework the façades, aiming to make them higher, with a more noble style and material.
excerpt from
VersaillesVisitor's Guide

10 March 2001

Place d'Armes

Place d'Armes

Louis XIV statue

Place d'Armes Louis XIV Statue

Place d'Armes Right

Place d'Armes Right Closer

Place d'Armes Closeup

Place d'Armes Left

Place d'Armes Closer
Shelly, Marble Courtyard
in the distance

Place d'Armes Shelly

Place d'Armes Facade

Place d'Armes Facade Closeup

Place d'Armes Marble Courtyard Distance

Marble Courtyard

Place d'Armes Marble Courtyard

Place d'Armes Marble Courtyard Closeup

Marble Courtyard clock, stopped
upon the death of Louis XIV

Place d'Armes Marble Courtyard Clock

park facade

Versailles Rear

Versailles Rear Closeup

water parterre

Versailles Rear Water Parterre

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