10 March 2001

Fountain of Enceladus

Fountain Enceladus

Fountain Enceladus Grove

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Fountain of the Seasons
Bacchus - Autumn

Fountain Season Bacchus

Fountain of the Seasons
Ceres - Summer

Fountain Season Ceres

Trianon garden

Trianon Garden

Fountain of Apollo

Fountain Apollo

Royal Avenue

Royal Avenue

The Parterre
and Fountain of Latona

Fountain Latona Parterre

Fountain of Latona

Fountain Latona Right

Fountain Latona Left

Fountain Latona

Depiction of Lycian peasants,
turned into frogs

Fountain Latona Closeup

Grand Perspective

Fountain Latona Royal Avenue

Shelly, in front of a
horizontal pond of the Water Parterre

Water Parterre Shelly

Water Parterre statue

Water Parterre Sculpture Closeup

South Parterre

South Parterre

Shelly & Norman, posing
amongst the gardens

South Parterre Shelly Norman

North Parterre

North Parterre

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