The majestic structure is the largest Gothic cathedral in Germany. Construction was begun in 1248 on the site of several earlier churches to house the relics of the three Magi brought to Cologne in 1164 by Archbishop Reinald von Dassel, chancellor to Frederick Barbarossa. After the completion of the chancel, south tower, and north-side aisles (around 1500), however, work was halted and not resumed until 1823. In 1880, the great 632-year enterprise was completed, and unlike many time-consuming constructions that change styles in midstream, the final result was in the Gothic style, true to the original plans.
excerpt from
Frommer's 98 Germany

13 - 15 July 2001


Cathedral Hauptportal Wide

Cathedral Hauptportal Nightime

Cathedral Hauptportal Statue Nightime


Cathedral Nordportal Nightime

Cathedral Nordportal Closeup Nightime

Cathedral Nordportal Steeple Flags Nightime

Cathedral Nordportal Steeple

Shelly and Pam

Cathedral Platz Shelly, Pam


Cathedral Sudportal Wide

Shelly and Pam
outside the south entrance

Cathedral Sudportal Pam, Shelly

Cathedral Sudportal Steeple Tram

Cathedral Sudportal Steeple Nightime

Cathedral Sudportal Closer Nightime

Cathedral Sudportal Nightime Wide

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