Other Köln Sites

13 - 15 July 2001

Platz in front of the

Hauptbahnhof Maria Himmelfahrt

Imhoff-Stollwerk Museum

Imhoff-Stollwerk Museum

Imhoff-Stollwerk Museum

Imhoff-Stollwerk Museum, Malakoffturm

Imhoff-Stollwerk Museum Looking West

St. Apostein

St. Apostein

St. Apostein Side

St. Apostein


Severinstor Rear

Sculpture Large

Sculpture Closeup


Köln Musicians
Nightime view of the Hauptbahnhof
(not far from the Cathedral)

Köln Hauptbahnhof
Crossing the river, south of
the Altstadt

Koln River View Left

Koln River View Left Closer

Koln River View Left Wide
View from east bank
of the Rhein

Koln River View Closeup

Koln River View Right Bridge Closer

Koln River View Right Bridge Closeup

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