Hõsök tere

(Heroes' Square)

Situated at the end of Pest's great boulevard, Andrássy út, and the entrance to its most famous park, Városliget (City Park), the wide open plaza of Hõsök tere (Heroes' Square) is one of the symbols of the city. During the country's Communist era, Socialists holidays were invariably celebrated with huge military reviews in the square. The square, like the park beyond it, was laid out for the 1896 Magyar Conquest millennial celebration. In its center stands the 118-foot-high Millennial Column; arrayed around the base of the column are equestrian statues of Árpád and the six other Magyar tribal leaders who led the conquest. Behind the column, arrayed along a colonnade, are 14 heroes of Hungarian history, including King Stephen I, the country's first christian king; King Matthias Corvinus, who presided over Buda's Golden Age in the 15th century; and Lajos Kossuth, leader of the 1848 - 49 War of Independence.

excerpt from
Frommer's Budapest and the Best of Hungary

20 May 2000







Exhibition Hall











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