Dublin Castle

For seven centuries Dublin Castle was a symbol of English rule, ever since the Anglo-Normans built a fortress here in the 13th century. Nothing remains of the original structure except the much modified Record Tower. Following a fire in 1684, the Surveyor-General, Sir William Robinson, laid down plans for the Upper and Lower Castle Yards in their present form. On the first floor of the south side of the Upper Yard are the luxury State Apartments, including St Patrick's Hall. These rooms, with Killybegs carpets and chandeliers of Waterford glass, served as home to the British-appointed Viceroys of Ireland.
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Eyewitness Travel Guides - Dublin

25 - 26 November 2000

Dublin Castle Entrance

Church of the
Most Holy Trinity

Dublin Castle Most Holy Trinity

Bedford Tower

Dublin Castle Bedford Tower Right

Dublin Castle Bedford Tower Front

Record Tower

Dublin Castle Record Tower

Dublin Castle Grounds

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