The largest amphitheater ever built in Rome and a symbol for Romanism was the work of the Flavian emperors and was therefore called « Amphiteatrum Flavium ». The name Colosseum first came to be used in the Middle Ages and can be traced to the nearby colossal bronze status of Nero as the sun god which rose up from the site of the vestibule of the Domus Aurea. Work began in the early years of Vespasian's reign and in A.D.79 the building, which had gone up only to the first two exterior orders with the first three tiers of steps inside, was dedicated. The fourth and fifth tiers were completed by Titus and it was inaugurated in A.D.80 with imposing spectacles and games which lasted a hundred days.
excerpt from
The Golden Book of Rome and the Vatican

24 - 25 March 2001

Colosseum Outside

Constantine's Arch

Colosseum Outside With Arch

entrance queue

Colosseum Outside Queue

Beth, Shelly & Alan

Colosseum Inside Beth, Shelly, Alan

Colosseum Inside Floor Level

Colosseum Inside Lower Level

Colosseum Inside Upper Levels

Beth & Alan
pausing for a picture

Colosseum Inside Beth Alan

Colosseum Inside Mezzanine

Colosseum Inside
Nightime view of exterior

Colosseum Nightime

Colosseum Nightime Left

Colosseum Nightime Right

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