The first building was erected in 27 B.C. by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, the faithful advisor of Augustus. In Trajan's time, the temple was completedly rebuilt by Hadrian between 118 and 128, in the form was still see today. The inscription on the frieze of the porch, M(arcus) Agrippa L(uci) f(ilius) con(n)s(ul) tertrium fecit, was therefore placed there by Hadrian who never put his own name on any of the monuments be built.
excerpt from
The Golden Book of Rome and the Vatican

24 - 25 March 2001
Pantheon view across

Pantheon Front

Pantheon Across Fountain

Palazzo Glustiniani

Pantheon Columns

Inside Pantheon, looking towards entrance

Pantheon Interior Floor To Ceiling

Pantheon Interior

Opening in ceiling

Pantheon Inside Dome

Pantheon Looking Outward Thru Columns

Pantheon Looking Outward

Palazzo Glustiniani Seating

Pantheon and fountain
after dark

Pantheon Fountain Nightime

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