Trevi Fountain

It may or may not be the most beautiful fountain in Rome, but it is without a doubt the most famous. The imaginative concept, the theatrical composition, the sober and imposing beauty of the structured marble figures make it a true masterpiece both of sculpture and of architecture. Pietro da Cortona and above all Bernini, who began the undertaking, both had a hand in the project. The death of Pope Urban VIII brought work to a standstill and it was not until about a hundred years later that Clement XII entrusted the work to Nicola Salvi, who finished the undertaking between 1732 and 1751.
excerpt from
The Golden Book of Rome and the Vatican

24 - 25 March 2001

Trevi Fountain Left Looking Outward

Trevi Fountain Left
Shelly & Norman

Trevi Fountain Shelly Norman

Trevi Fountain Closeup

Trevi Fountain Right

Trevi Fountain Right Closer

Trevi Fountain Center Nightime

Trevi Fountain Right Nightime Closer

Trevi Fountain Left Marathon

Marathon route winding
pass the fountain

Trevi Fountain Right Distant

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