Città del Vaticano

(Vatican City)

Vatican City spreads out to the right of the Tiber and lies between Monte Mario to the north and the Janiculum to the south. Since 1929, the year in which the Lateran Treaty was stipulated between the Holy See and the Italian State, the Vatican City has been an independent sovereign state. The Vatican prints its own stamps, has its own railroad station, and a well-known newspaper, the Osservatore Romano, which is distributed throughout Italy. The city also has its own police force (once called Pontifical Gendarmes) and a real police service as represented by the famous Swiss Guards which, from the early 16th century, protected the person of the pope and still today wear uniforms that were probably designed by Michelangelo.
excerpt from
The Golden Book of Rome and the Vatican

24 - 25 March 2001

Via della Conciliazione
approaching Basilica of San Pietro

Vatican City Approaching St Peters

Aspiring artists

St Peters Inspiring Artists

St Peters Left Front

St Peters Right Front

St Peters Interior

St Peters Interior

St Peters Interior Statue

Cupola mosaic

St Peters Interior Dome Mosaic

roof top

St Peters Roof Top

View of Piazza San Pietro
from above

St Peters Cupola View

St Peters Cupola View

St Peters Cupola View

Figures overlooking Piazza San Pietro

St Peters Rooftop Figures

Swiss guard

Swiss Guard

St Peters Across Front

St Peters Outward Left

St Peters Piazza

City view across the Tiber

Vatican City Across Tiber

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