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This golden lily of the Middle Ages is called the Manhattan of Tuscany since it preserves 13 of its noble towers, giving it a skyscraper skyline. The approach to the walled town is dramatic today, but once it must have been fantastic, for in the heyday of the Guelph and Ghibelline conflict, San Gimignano (San Gimignano delle Belle Torri) had as many as 72 towers. Its fortresslike severity is softened by the subtlety of its harmonious squares, and many of its palaces and churches are enhanced by Renaissance frescoes because San Gimignano could afford to patronize major painters.
excerpt from
Frommer's Italy 2001

3 - 4 February 2001

Becci and Cugnanesi
Arch and houses

San Gimignano Cugnanesi Arch

San Gimignano Doorway

Torre Grossa

San Gimignano Rognosa Tower

Vicolo di Santa Fina

San Gimignano Alley

Saint Pietro

San Gimignano Saint Pietro

Piazza Sant'Agostino

San Gimignano Piazza Sant Agostino

Porta San Giovanni

San Gimignano Gate

Porta San Giovanni

San Gimignano Landscape

The "Manhattan of Tuscany"
from a distance

San Gimignano from Distance

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