San Giovanni Battista


The Gothic facade was left unfinished by Domenico di Agostino in 1355. But you don't come here to admire that - you come for the frescos inside, many of which are lavish and intricate and devoted mainly to depictions of the lives of Christ and St. Anthony. The star of the place, however, is a baptismal font (1417 - 30), one of the greatest in all Italy. The foremost sculptors of the early Renaissance, from both Florence and Siena, helped create this masterpiece Jacopo della Quercia created Annunciation to Zacharais, Giovanni di Turino crafted Preaching of the Baptist and the Baptism of Christ, and Lorenzo Ghiberti worked with Giuliano di Ser Andrea on the masterful Arrest of St. John.
excerpt from
Frommer's Italy 2001

3 - 4 February 2001

Baptistry Front

Baptistry Stairs

Siena Baptistry

Siena Baptistry Ceiling

Siena Baptistry Ceiling

Siena Baptistry Ceiling

Baptistry Duomo Stairs from Distance

Baptistry Duomo Door

Faces in the facade

Baptistry Faces in Facade

Shelly on stairs leading up
to the Duomo

Baptistry Duomo Stairs Shelly

Baptistry Duomo Stairs Nightime

Baptistry Nightime Facade

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