Piazza del Duomo

At Piazza del Duomo, southwest of Piazza del Campo, stands an architectural fantasy. With its colored bands of marble, the Sienese Duomo is an original and exciting building, erected in the Romanesque and Italian Gothic styles in the 12th century. The dramatic facade, designed in part by Giovanni Pisano, dates from the 13th century, as does the Romanesque campanile (bell tower). The zebralike interior of black-and-white stripes is equally stunning. The floor consists of various inlaid works of art depicting both biblical and mythological subjects. Numerous artists worked on the floor, notably Domenico Beccafumi. The octagonal 13th-century pulpit is by Nicola Pisano (Giovanni's father), one of the most significant Italian sculptors before the dawn of the Renaissance. The Siena pulpit is his masterpiece; it reveals in relief such scenes as the slaughter of the innocents and the Crucifixion. The elder Pisano finished the pulpit in 1268, aided by his son and others.
excerpt from
Frommer's Italy 2001

3 - 4 February 2001

Cathedral of Santa Maria

Siena Duomo Right Front

Siena Duomo Right

SienaDuomo Right Front Facade Closeup

SienaDuomo Right Front Facade Closeup

Shelly in front of
the Duomo

Siena Duomo Shelly

Siena Duomo Front Top

Siena Duomo Left Front

Siena Duomo Left Front Closeup

Siena Duomo Left Front Facade Closeup

Siena Duomo Nightime

Siena Duomo Right Front Nightime

SienaDuomo Right Front Closer Nightime

The Belltower

Siena Duomo Bell Tower Front

Siena Duomo Left Bell Tower

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