Piazza del Campo

Over the centuries, the different styles which have grown into each other in the various patricians mansions arranged around the Campo del Campo have produced an overall harmony, making it one of the most fascinating main squares in Europe. The middle of the square is paved with hand-made bricks, laid edgeways in a fish-bone pattern, and divided by nine strips of travertine that branch-out from the shell-shaped drain at the lowest point of the concave slope of the square - in honour of the Government of the Nine Lords (i Signori Nove) which presided over the town from 1285 to 1355. Nearly all the most important events in Siena's history have taken place in or around the square.
excerpt from
All Siena - The Contrade and the Palio

3 - 4 February 2001

Siena Piazza Campo

Siena Piazza Campo

Siena Piazza Campo

Siena Piazza Campo

Siena Piazza Campo

Siena Piazza Campo Facade

Norman relaxing 
near a Piazza del Campo entrance

Siena Piazza Campo Stairs Norman

Shelly seated by
stairs leading down into the piazza

Siena Piazza Campo Stairs Shelly

Fonte Gaia

Siena Piazza Campo Fountain

Siena Piazza Campo Fountain Nightime

Southeastern view from
behind Fonte Gaia

Siena Piazza Campo Nightime

Siena Piazza Campo Nightime
View from Mangia Tower

Siena Il Campo Left from Above

Siena Il Campo Center from Above

Siena Il Campo Right from Above

Norman & Shelly enjoying
a quiet (only in the "off season") morning

Siena Piazza Campo Norman & Shelly

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