Новодевичий Монастыρь

(Novodevichiy Convent)

Probably the most beautiful of the semi-circle of fortified religious institutions to the south of Moscow is Novodevichiy Covent, founded by Basil III in 1524 to commemorate the capture of Smolensk from the Lithuanians. Only the Cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk was built at this time. Most of the other buildings were added in the late 17th century by Peter the Great's half-sister, the Regent Sophia. After Peter deposed her and reclaimed his throne in 1689, he confined her here for the rest of her life. In 1812 Napoleon's troops tried to blow up the convent but, according to a popular story, it was saved by the nuns, who snuffed out the fuses.
excerpt from
Eyewitness Travel Guides Moscow

27 July 2003






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