Casa Batlló

Not far from La Pedrera stands another famous Gaudì edifice, the Casa Batlló (Passeig de Gràcia, 43). His work on this house - starting from a building of little interest - consisted in the addition of two new floors, the reconstruction of the first floor and the complete transformation of the exterior. Curvaceous lines dominate the façade, adorned with organic elements and coated with many colours reminiscent of brocades and precious stones. The roof (which resembles the skin of a dragon), crowned by a bulbous cross and several chimneys, accentuates the medieval atmosphere of the ensemble.
excerpt from
Barcelona The City of Gaudì

15 September 2001

Casa Batllo Front

Casa Batllo Front Upper

Casa Batllo Front Upper Closeup

Casa Batllo Distant

Casa Batllo Distant Hortizontal

Casa Batllo Roof

Casa Batllo Roof Closer

Casa Batllo Roof Closeup

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