Parc Güell

Gaudí began this idiosyncratic park as a real-estate venture for a friend, the well-known Catalan industrialist Count Eusebi Güell, but it was never completed. The city took over the property in 1926 and turned it into a public park. Gaudí completed several of the public areas, which today look like a surrealist Disneyland, complete with a mosaic pagoda and a lizard fountain spitting water. Gaudí planned to make this a model community of 60 dwellings, arranged somewhat like a Greek theater. A central grand plaza was built above a market, as well as a undulating bench decorated with ceramic fragments.
excerpt from
Frommer's 2000 Spain

15 September 2001

Highest point in
the park

Parc Guell Monument

Parc Guell Monument Closeup

Windblown Shelly

Parc Guell Monument Shelly

Parc Guell House

Parc Guell House Closeup

porticoed stone pathway

Parc Guell Porticoed Stone Pathway

along the pathway

Parc Guell Porticoed Stone Pathway Shelly


Parc Guell Rooftop Closeup

Parc Guell Sculpture

ceramic mosaic

Parc Guell Dragon

Norman w/dragon

Parc Guell Norman

Parc Guell

One of the few completed

Parc Guell Pavilion

Parc Guell Pavilion

Parc Guell Pavilions

stairs leading into the park

Parc Guell Stairs

serpentine bench

Parc Guell Serpentine Bench

Shelly, relaxing for a

Parc Guell Serpentine Bench Shelly

Park entrance, and houses

Parc Guell View From Serpentine Bench

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