After Julius Caesar had finally conquered Gallia Comata (Long-Haired Gaul) in 52BC, he retired his cavalry veterans to the Colonia Julia Equestris, founded on the shores of the lake over the Helvetian settlement of Noviodunum which had stood there previously. For two centuries, the town flourished, becoming an urban centre of 3000 people (the population did not reach such heights again until the mid-nineteenth century). The second half of the third century AD saw increasing attacks from Alemans and Franks, who succeeded in breaking through Roman defences; stones from the ruined buildings were carted off to make a defensive wall around Geneva, and by the mid-fifth century the grand colony was virtually deserted.
excerpt from
The Rough Guide to Switzerland

09 - 10 June 2001


Museum Window

Government Building

Government Building Closeup


Church Closeup

Suzy & Shelly,
pausing in the rain

Suzy & Shelly

Suzy & Shelly Closeup


Fountain Closeup

Fountain Statue Mural

Fountain Statue Mural Closeup

Building Distant


Building Shelly & Suzy

Train Station

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