Dylan Thomas Boathouse

The place now most commonly associated with Dylan Thomas is, rather than Swansea, more often Laugharne. His first visit there was in early 1934, where he described it as "the strangest town in Wales". The sleepy seaside outpost in South Wales was an isolated English speaking town in an area of Welsh speaking countryside, and was known for the eccentricity of its inhabitants. Among them was a deaf mute ferryman, and the town also played host to a Rolls Royce converted into a mobile fish and chip shop.
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31 August 2002
View from above the

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Rear Above

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Front Above

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Front

Shelly, perusing the visitor book

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Living Room Shelly

downstairs cafe

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Cafe

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Beach

The ladies (Viv, Shelly & Trish),
pausing for a chat

Dylan Thomas BoathouseViv, Shelly & Trish

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