Paxton Tower

William Paxton, a native of Edinburgh, came to Wales in 1785 after thirty years of travelling the world. He had made a fortune in India where he was the Master of the Calcutta Mint. On retiring, like many others who had made riches, to invest in a country estate and enter politics. Paxton was knighted in 1802, and was Mayor of Carmarthen in 1802 when Nelson / Lady Hamilton visited. He would certainly have met and entertained them during their stay. It is widely believed that the naval hero greatly impressed Sir William and a short time later Paxton commissioned Samuel Pepys Cockerel to design a tower to be erected in his honour. Also, it is rumoured that a disgruntled Sir William Paxton designed this folly as a reminder of himself to the people of Carmarthen who failed to elect him as MP in 1811.
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31 August 2002

Approaching the castle,
from a distance

Paxton Tower in the distance

Paxton Tower

Paxton Tower Closer

Paxton Tower Closeup

valley view

Paxton Tower View

Paxton Tower View

Paxton Tower View

Paxton Tower View

Paxton Tower View

Paxton Tower Left Closer

Paxton Tower Left

Shelly, straggling behind

Paxton Tower Shelly

Gary, Viv, Julian & Trish
(no doubt Julian will love his expression)

Paxton Tower Gary, Viv, Julian & Trish

Norman & Shelly
with the castle in the distance

Paxton Tower Norman & Shelly

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