Update - 24 February 2000

Hello from London!
The flat is FINALLY looking "homey". The sleeper / sofa made it, though the delivery guys had more than a few problems getting it thru the front door. Could use some throw pillows (and the couch still smells like new carpeting), but the downstairs is almost "there". It also helped to receive the vertical bike rack which was ordered quite a while ago. The company mistakenly sent a metal mailbox post the first time. Still don't have a TV. Been watching matches at the local pub and since we have been elsewhere most of the weekends, there hasn't been much of a need. Might be a bad sign that several of the pub "regulars" say "hi" when we walk in now.

Work are been busy, but mostly enjoyable. Learning lots about the "other" side of the business. Looks like our approval will extend essentially a month at a time. Litton really wants the revenue on their books (for the next 10 years), so it will have to be a truly risky proposition for them to walk away from the contract. At least, that is how it looks today!

Had a nice evening for Valentine's Day. Went to Shelly's favorite Chinese restaurant (Golden Dragon) in China Town. Afterwards, we went to see a British musical called Spend, Spend, Spend. Recommended it to our Capture Manager and he found it enjoyable too. Heading to Phantom of the Opera tonight. Spent the last couple of weekends visiting castles. Two weeks ago, visited Leeds Castle. There is not as much to see "inside" as I expected, but the grounds are very pretty. Hoping to get back during the spring when the flowers are out. Last weekend, we visited Windsor Castle. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Danish queen was there so we couldn't see the State Apartments. However, the entrance fee was discounted and we did get to see the Cathedral and much of the grounds. The surrounding town is very nice and has more than a few pubs and restaurants. Could easily spend a relaxing day there. Off to Paris next weekend. Got hotel reservations lined up yesterday. As it works out, we will be in Brussels the weekend after that. The Times newspaper has been including "travel vouchers" in recent weeks. After collecting the right number of vouchers, I mailed Eurostar with several travel dates and got the tickets for about $80 each.

Hope all is well back home. If you want to see some pictures of London, I have put together a quick webpage (which will improve as I have time). I WILL take pictures of the flat, SOON (might be able to can get something on the page next week).

The URL is:
We miss everyone. Come visit!